Why choose us?

Welcome to the purest natural nut butters available! These are hand made by me, with love and nuts, and nothing else!
I never add salt, sugar, or other additives. They are oil, preservative and stabiliser free. Just nuts.
The nuts are locally sourced, and all of the flavour combinations are developed by me and tried and tested in my kitchen!
If you have an idea for a new nut butter combo, drop me a mail and let’s see how far our creativity can stretch!

In a (pea)nutshell – Pure Bliss Peanut Butter is exactly this – Pure Bliss!
Smooth and creamy, fantastic consistency, I love that it is ABSOLUTELY natural and it is worth every cent of the price!
Delighted repeat customer

Pure peanut butter heaven! It is the best that my wife and I have tried.

About us

sunflower girl

I am a self confessed peanut butter addict! I cook / bake / smoothie / blend it in every possible way and form.

I started making my own peanut butter when I realised how much junk there is in the “natural” peanut butters that you can buy at supermarkets. This is how Pure Bliss was born!

The range has already expanded from just peanut butter, to a chilli nut butter, and now also includes a mixed nut butter, as well as a crunchy seed nut butter. I will continue to experiment with flavours, and hope to become your go to place to shop for only the best and most natural gourmet nut butters around.




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